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Other services are pressure washing, gutter cleaning, but there is more!

Pressure Washing in San Jose

Happy Service Care offers the best professional pressure washing service in the San Jose and surrounding cities. Pressure washing will remove dirt, mold, and mineral build up on the exterior services of your home or business.

Our pressure washing service is cost effective, and can be used for deck cleaning, concrete washing, sidewalk and even store fronts. We offer both commercial and residential. If you are looking to wash your home, we can do that for you.

Commercial service is for all those businesses that are now opening up after the COVID-19. Contact us if you are looking for such a service since we can also sanitize your entire store front for your returning clients and employees! 

Gutter Cleaning in San Jose

We provide gutter cleaning for San Jose and a number of the surrounding cities in the Santa Clara County. Every property should have their rain gutters inspected and cleaned every year. A broken gutter can result in water damage to the property.

Leaving dirty gutters can lead to an accumulation leaves and debris. During the hot and dry summers it can be a spark to a fire. To avoid these scenarios remove all blockages, clean downspouts, clean all the debris from the gutter. 

Why should I hire someone to clean my gutters? 

-Cleaning gutters can be a great deal of work. You also need to purchase some equipment, such as a ladder that is tall enough for your gutters. This can also be dangerous, falling of a ladder can result in a hospital visit or not being able to work at your regular job. These factors can end up costing you more money than hiring a trusted professional.  

Solar Panels Cleaning in San Jose

Your solar panels will be restored. Dirty solar panels can reduce their efficiency.

Solar panels can help save a good amount of money in the San Jose area and Santa Clara County. Unfortunately they are not as effective when they are dirty, cleaning solar panels regularly can lower the electricity bill. 

We will be climbing on your roof to clean these solar panels, we are not only bonded and insured but have the experience and precautions to avoid any issues. Hire a professional like Happy Service Care and save on electricity and conserve the planet. 

We can also check your solar panels for any damage or repairs that may be needed. This way you get an advance warning in case something later on needs to be repaired or looked at by your solar panel representative.  

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