Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

Have you noticed dirty water coming out of your home’s gutter or no water? Well, you’re right, it is probably full of dirt and debris. Gutters are essential for any household. Therefore, you have to make sure to perform regular gutter cleaning. Before you look for a gutter cleaner in San Jose, find out first the importance of gutter cleaning and why you should do it.

Gutters control the flow of rainwater from your roof to protect your wall, and overall all foundation and landscape. It only means that a dirty gutter may be more prone to malfunctioning, which may eventually lead to a nightmare. A clogged gutter and other debris may subsequently cause leaks on the roof, water damage to both the interior and exterior of any home. This unfortunate event also makes it a perfect home for pests, mold, honeycombs, and rodents.

In areas like San Jose clogged gutters full of dead leaves may also contribute to a fire. We have seen what fires can do to areas like Santa Rosa. Make sure to clean and maintain your gutters to avoid those hazards.

Why is Gutter Cleaning Essential?

The foremost reason why you have to do gutter cleaning or hire a San Jose gutter cleaner is to remove all debris that may block it. Leaf guards significantly reduce the need for gutter maintenance, but they do not eliminate the need. You may have to maintain your gutters with covers or screens every single to three years.

The maintenance frequency will depend on the cover quality and the type and quantity of trees within the yard. Even if you have gutter coverings, it is still a good idea to do a visual check every year. Sometimes you need to do it with a professional. If you want to limit the need for gutter maintenance effectively, it is essential to buy quality covers and screens.

7 Reasons to Clean Your Gutter

Home ownership comes with many nice perks. You can paint any part of your home any color you want! Your pets can run wild without any repercussions from a building manager. However, there are some less enjoyable aspects of home ownership. Mainly, the responsibility to care for every part of your home now rests solely on your shoulders. Here are seven reasons that gutter cleaning is essential to a well-maintained home.

  1. Insects leave on clogged gutters. Clogged gutters are the ideal place for insects and pests to stay and lay their eggs. Therefore, they can block your gutters if you don’t take care of them regularly. At first, you might not think about it, but finding a teeming nest of spiders or a cloud of mosquitoes swarming over your house will make you realize how big an issue this can be.
  2. Diseases can breed there. Failure to properly clean the gutter can lead to humid, unhealthy wet conditions. Mold in a dirty gutter can grow, and that can damage your health. There are many diseases and illnesses linked to stagnant water. If you allow the ends of your gutters to get clogged and pools of water in the gutters, then you are in danger of growing some nasty things.
  3. Water damage inside your home. Gutters are for protecting the interior and exterior of your home from damage to water. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning your gutter, then water can backup, damage your roof, and leak into your home. Without regular gutter cleaning, flooding problems in your basement or under your house will need to be addressed as soon as possible.
  4. Water damage outside your home. One of the rain gutters’ most obvious functions is to protect the exterior of your home. Rain gutters that receive proper cleaning of the gutter will organize direct water away from your home. Without properly functioning rain gutters, you can cause considerable water damage to the outside of your home. The clogged rain gutters can even jeopardize the foundations of your home.
  5. Avoid small infestations. Small rodents like rats and mice are fond of clogged gutters. There are few things worse than the chance of a rodent riddled with illness slipping off your gutter and dropping on or near you. It will happen if you don’t do proper and timely gutter cleaning.
  6. Gutter cleaning saves money. All these problems associated with not cleaning your gutters can come with an enormous price tag. The simple solution to avoid all of these potential hazards is to ensure that you take care of your gutters properly. It is a front end investment to avoid paying the potential disaster’s high ticket price. Seasonal gutter cleaning is the cheapest and best way to carry out conscientious maintenance for your home and family.

How Often Should You Perform Gutter Cleaning?

It all depends on the location of your home. The ideal amount of time is generally during spring and fall because it’s the time when most trees shed their leaves. You can assess how often your gutters are to be cleaned based on how often leaves fall in your area and the types of leaves. Depending on the tree climate, it should be on everyone’s to-do list about every four months. The leaves fall in a high-yield environment all year round. There’s no waiting until the last leaf falls.

On the other hand, if your home has not plenty of trees around it, you can clean the gutter at least once a year. It’s essential to have the downspouts cleaned by a professional as well because a clogged downspout makes it difficult for the rain to go down and that causes them to back up and overflow the gutter, which may result in damage in your home.

Is It Better to Do It Yourself or Hire Someone Else?

While cleaning gutters is a task that most homeowners can do themselves, it can be hazardous work. In 2009, falls from the ladders sent more than 240,000 Americans to hospital emergency rooms, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Make sure it’s sturdy before climbing a ladder, and all the steps are in good condition. Climb the first two steps to determine the level for the ground. Place plywood under the ladder legs for soft soil. You should also make sure that the ladder does not rest on the gutters themselves, because they may collapse due to the additional weight.

A professional should remove all debris from the roof, gutters, and downspouts during cleaning while checking and repairing any loose spikes in the gutter. The cost of gutter cleaning varies from $75 and on, depending on the gutter length and the scope of work. Most companies charge a flat fee per gutter foot, but depending on the complexity of the work, the cost can go up.

Start Gutter Cleaning Now

Gutters control the rainwater flow from your roof to protect your wall and all foundations and landscapes in general. However, a clogged gutter can eventually cause damage to the interior or exterior of your home by leaks on the roof or water. It also makes this unfortunate event a perfect home for pests, mold, honeycombs, and rodents. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are doing regular cleaning and maintenance for your gutters, primarily if you are residing around bushes or trees.

Throughout San Jose, gutter cleaners would more often work efficiently on a gunked-up gutter. To stop the dangers posed by filthy gutters, they sweep and repair the gutters. Note, routine gutter cleaning is a lot cheaper than completely replacing it due to damage. Some people try to clean their gutters by themselves, but they aren’t always ready to deal with the kinds of issues listed here.

Professionals know how to handle the potential risks associated with clogged gutters and can do so safely. If you are not sure how to clean your gutters, we are happy to help you. We have an expert gutter cleaner that would professionally remove all debris that may cause blockage in your gutter. For any questions and concerns, you may talk to us via phone call at (408) 910-2556 or send us an email through [email protected].