Window Cleaning 101 – Get Streak Free Windows

Window cleaning may be one of the least cringe-worthy household chores, but getting streak-free windows are as essential as mopping the floors. In fact, this task takes on a new level of annoyance from carefully spraying and wiping every glass. However, there are those hard-to-remove specks of dirt on the windows. So, here’s a window cleaning 101 for you to get streak-free windows. 

With the right tools and cleaning materials, you can have a glass streak-free and crystal-clear windows in no time. Combine it with correct techniques and consistency, and you will be able to clean your mind efficiently. 

So, here are some tips that will definitely have your glass windows sparkling as clear water. The best news is that these tips only require little effort and fewer expenses. Make sure to keep reading to find out.

How Do You Do Window Cleaning?

When was the last time that you’ve had your windows get cleaned? Whether at home or office, dirty windows are a real embarrassment. Imagine whenever your home guests look outside your windows, but they can’t see anything because of so much dust? The same thing for offices. What would your clients or future employees think if you can’t even clean your office windows? So, with these easy steps, let us help get streak-free windows in no time.

Go Distilled

Did you know that the quality of the water that you use in window cleaning the glass windows can make a huge difference? For example, distilled water can offer efficient results and a real game-changer. It may not be a big deal when cleaning your countertops or flooring, but it is for glass. It is because glass shows even the tiniest imperfection. Therefore, dilute glass cleaner with water offers a significant impact on glass surfaces after cleaning it.

Hard water has a higher concentration of dissolved minerals, which includes magnesium and calcium. As a result, it offers an unsightly ugly and messy window even when combined with any window cleaner. So, instead of diluting glass cleaner using tap water, consider using distilled instead. It has fewer minerals present in tap water, so it leaves no streaky deposits on any mirror. The best thing about distilled water is that it is relatively inexpensive and almost available in local groceries. 

Use Vinegar

You don’t want to spend money on buying distilled water? Then, this material is your next best option. Vinegar is one of the most ‘all-around’ ingredients that you can find easily at home. Best of all, aside from complimenting salads, it also offers accurate results in cleaning glass windows. It is a natural cleaning material that is non-toxic and highly anti-bacterial due to its fermentation process and acidic content. Therefore, vinegar is 100% safe on your skin, your children, and even your pets. 

Whether you are looking for a cheap option or a more natural cleaner – don’t forget to add vinegar on your list. White distilled vinegar can do wonders on your glass windows. For best results, you can mix it up with warm distilled water at a 50/50 ratio. You can also mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of vinegar, and 1 cup of distilled water for maximized efficiency. 

Minimize Suds

What if you can’t stand the smell of vinegar? Soap is still the king if you want to have a nice lather. However, suds will only make your glass windows covered in ugly streaks when misused. For example, using too much will result in an overly dense cleaner that results in the formation of streaky residue on the glass. Therefore, always make sure to get the exact amount, and remember that it doesn’t take much soap to get rid of that dirt. It’s all about how you brush it off. 

To create your own sud mixture, you can mix 1.9 liters each of distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Then, add three drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Don’t be afraid to do some experimenting to find out the right formula that would work best for you. 

Banish Paper Towels

When it comes to Window Cleaning, leave paper towels behind. This material leaves streaks. It is better to use a microfiber cloth or squeegee for a spotless mirror. You can also go old school with a handful of newspapers if you can find some in your home. Your morning read does a fantastic job on the glass. To be more productive, make sure to spray cleaning products in the newspaper instead of doing it directly on the mirror. 

Buff It

Now that you have all suitable materials for cleaning your glass windows, a quick buff will give a beautiful finishing job. A microfiber towel or chamois is the best type of cloth to use on this stage. Make sure to use a clean and dry cloth, and, guaranteed, those pesky streaks will disappear before your very eyes.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

For most homeowners and professional window cleaners, you should clean your glass windows at least twice a year. On the other hand, if you have screens, you should clean it annually. However, the frequency of Window Cleaning entirely depends on your home’s location. For example, the level of dust and dirt is higher in rural areas near farm fields. Therefore, it requires frequent window and screen cleaning.

Expert Window Cleaning Solutions

Window cleaning is a tedious chore. If you want to make sure that you’re getting rid of all the dirt, you have to make sure to do the process right. More importantly, the materials used in window cleaning makes a drastic difference. To guarantee that you will not redo your work, the tips that we mentioned will never fail you. 

Ideally, you must clean your windows at least twice a year. However, it still depends on your location. The problem with dirty windows is that you will always have those dusty, smudged-up panes of glass. If you don’t have time cleaning, leave it to the professionals. Look for expert window cleaning solutions that would give you crystally-clear glass windows. If you have more time, make sure to clean your gutters as well. Here’s how.